Xuexing Xui

Xuexing Xui

Director Sales Asia Pacific

Xuexing Xie started his career as an excellent rural teacher and then decided to try business in 1995. His business philosophy is honesty and always deliver what was said. Because of his impeccable reputation, he was well respected by his business partners and clients throughout his 25 years of doing traditional business. He has gained wide experience of running successful business. He came into contact with the direct selling industry in 1996 and was attracted by the unique marketing model of direct selling. He then became a member of Stone Zhang’s team. Because of his good learning abilities, integrity, and down-to-earth character, he soon stood out and became the right-hand man of Stone. He is also an excellent lecturer. His lectures are easy to understand, and is the most popular one among his team. In 2014, he set foot in the cryptocurrency industry and got very interested in integrating direct selling, cryptocurrency and e-commerce in light of China's conditions. He is passionate about creating entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone.


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