Qun Zhang

Qun Zhang

Director Sales Asia Pacific

QUN (STONE) ZHANG is a rare talent in sales. With an academic education of agricultural science, he was offered a stable job with great pension plan at a top agricultural research institute in southern China. However, he was not satisfied with the comfort that was given and stepped into the exciting and challenging business area without any hesitation. He chose direct selling and immediately loved it. He is charismatic and quick-witted, and always knows how to maximizes team effort. At the direct selling companies that he worked for, he had provided strategic advice to keep the company in competitive and leading position. He then moved to Canada and became a licensed financial advisor in Ontario, Canada. His most up-to-date knowledge and exceptional communication skills made him top sales of the company. In 2014, he started to trade cryptocurrencies and was creative enough to help customers doing investment and financial planning using cryptocurrencies. So far he has been awarded multiple honors including the Best Leader and the Best Trainer.


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